About Tandem in Your Garden

Saturday May 16th noon-midnight


Tandem Festival is always packed with musicians from around the globe, as well as dance, storytelling, crafts and workshops and we don’t see why 2020 should be any different.There’ll be old-time festival favourites such as Sam Lee and Megan Henwood, as well as some snazzy and original lockdown combos and creations with artists from Nubiyan Twist and others, alongside heaps of activities for you to get stuck into. We’re making the day fully interactive so you can get involved in all the events and experience that brilliant festival atmosphere.

One thing is clear, we’re all going to need a bloody good dance when this is over - so we’re bringing you this free fundraising event, in the hopes we can raise enough donations to be able to put on Tandem 2021 and bring you more intimate and inspiring live music. So pop on your fancy dress, Facetime your mates, and get ready to dance your socks off!

Why are we Fundraising?

Tandem Festival is run by the Tandem Collective, a small, not-for-profit organisation. We have loved putting on Tandem Festival for the last 6 years, and we’ve been able to do it thanks to literally thousands of hours of volunteer support from the Tandem community. We don’t rely on big corporate sponsors nor are we an organisation with big reserves.  

We rely on the many amazing gigs and activities we put on throughout the year to raise funds for the festival and to keep all Tandem’s projects alive. Lockdown means we have had to suspend all our activities, and our ability to  to be in a position to put on the best party in 2021 depends on reaching out to the music-loving community for support! So, if you're missing that Tandem magic in your life and you want to see us back in 2021, or you simply want to enjoy a weekend of amazing live music and workshops, drop in to Tandem In Your Garden and support live music and the arts.


About Tandem Festival 

‘Tandem is a real cross-cultural celebration, where a new sound/instrument/language is brought to the stage every set’ – Nightshift Magazine

Inspiring’ and ‘absolutely banging’ - The Ocelot


The Tandem Festival project is all about creative people working together to bring about a diverse, inspiring programme with environmental and social change at its heart. What started off as a wild idea over pints back in 2014, quickly became a three day festival bringing together different worlds of music, art, dance, workshops, food and eco-friendliness.

In 2020 due to COVID-19 we are hosting an online festival to raise funds for Tandem Collective to enable us to bring you Tandem Festival 2021 alongside our other awesome projects. We are currently on the hunt for a new festival site for 2021 so please get in touch if you have any ideas! 

Our volunteer-powered festival celebrates culture, supports upcoming and original musical talent, and inspires change: what’s good for your ears, eyes and dancing shoes can be good for the planet too! We incentivise low-carbon transport to the festival, avoid non-recyclable waste, upcycle everything we can and only serve veggie/vegan ethically and locally sourced food. Sustainability and inclusivity are at the heart of our festival, and at the heart of the Tandem Collective as a whole, where our mission is to work with community groups, artists and researchers to engage audiences with environmental and social issues.


About Tandem Collective 

Tandem Festival is part of Tandem Collective, a not-for-profit Community Interest Company. Our mission is to influence positive change towards social justice and environmental sustainability through arts and creativity. Our current projects include Tandem Festival, Ethno England, InTandem Publications, Tandem Skills Camp and InTandem with Tap Social.



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